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Auto solve has partnered with Fastr Finance to bring you your best loan options from across the lending market. We take the stress out of getting a car loan so you can start your holiday sooner.

  • Fastr Technology: Instantly compares 30+ lenders to find the most suitable caravan loan for your personal circumstances. We only show you loans you qualify for, ranked by the best rate & lowest repayment.

  • Real People, Real Service: Our loan experts pride themselves in understanding your needs and the solution best suited to your circumstances.

  • Lifetime Support: We’re here for you throughout the application process, life of your loan, and whenever you need assistance.

  • Flexible Loan terms: Pick your desired loan term with options from 12 months up to 7 years!

  • Lending Partners: We partner with 30+ lenders so we can bring you access to 80+ loan products across the market.

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